Sunday, November 2

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Good morning!
Or afternoon... evening... whenever you are taking a moment to read.
Glad you could stop in for a bit.

This morning we're skipping our regular church service to travel to the church where my grandma plays the piano. Love time with family! Then, I think we're going to meet at my parents' house for a meal together. Double yay yay!

I've been thinking that I need to simplify and slow down a lot lately, but it can be so hard sometimes. I'm the type of person that if there's something that needs to be done and there's no one else to do it, I say yes, please. Then, sometimes I feel overloaded by all the commitments I've made. Do you ever feel that way?

Our school is currently reading The Leader in Me by Stephen Covey. You can browse the website here. Or you can buy the book here. I've only read through the second chapter so far, but it seems to be a really good book and an easy read. If you've read the book, I'd be interested to read your thoughts about it or about how it has changed your classroom/school.

Thanks for reading to the end!
Have a blessed Sunday!

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