Friday, November 14

Five for Yucky, Sick Friday

Things have been quiet around this blog because I spent the last 7 days in bed, sick with a fever, strep throat, and a sinus infection. In fact, today was the only day I made it to school this week, so I don't have five awesome things to share about the amazing things we accomplished this week. My list would look like sleep, fluids, crummy TV, and lots of meds.

Instead, I'll share five interesting things that happen in the classroom when Mrs. Jones is away for four days...

My awesome, wonderful teammate lovingly set up my classroom so that I wouldn't even have to come in to school each day to set up for the sub. I sure do owe her big time and am already planning some "Thank you" treats to bring in to her next week. What a blessing that was to be allowed to just be sick and not have to worry about what was happening at school!

Three students all go home sick on the same day, in the same afternoon, during Math. Coincidence? All three came back to school the next day. Not sure this would've happened had I been there. 

Little Miss sobs everyday and is very emotional all day about missing Mom. I really wish I knew the best way to handle this one. I always feel like I'm being insensitive when I have to handle the emotional days. I feel like acknowledging and coddling just encourages the behavior, though, so on the rare days it happens with me, I give a smile and a quick reminder that she is safe here at school with me and that we are so busy at school that the day goes quickly. 

Mr. I Hate Following Directions spits on other students. Just because. Is there any other reason for the choices little Mr. makes sometimes? 

I saved my favorite for last... The title teacher across the hall busts a black market ring in my classroom. Apparently, little Miss was making a pretty penny selling things like pencils and in trading table spots. I didn't realize there was such prime real estate in my classroom. Thankfully, all the money was given back. 

Needless to say, I had several notes to write to some super sweet students who have gone out of their way lately to make me feel special.

Have a great weekend!