Saturday, December 20

December Rewind

Hello again!

Haven't been around the blogging block lately, 
but I wanted to stop in and share what's been keeping me so busy.

We had an ornery elf who stopped in this month to learn about second grade. In these particular pictures he... mistook our headphones for earmuffs... zip lined down off our lights... left us supplies for making our own Christmas chain after we had a great sub day. I've read where some classrooms have a kindness elf that encourages kind words and actions. I think I'd like to try that next year, mix in some good deed requests with the elf fun.

We worked on reindeer Christmas cards for our pen pals in Washington. We also made a YouTube video for them so they could have a tour of our school (and see us for the first time). I really hope we can Skype sometime before our Spring break. We also went Christmas caroling at a nearby nursing home. That is such a good experience for our kids and I'm so grateful we are able to go.

We enjoyed some Christmas-themed Math centers on Mondays, some inside recess days when it rained and we had snow, and a crosswalk safety assembly led by a group of high schoolers.

As part of our Christmas party, we made snow. We tried the two different recipes I found... one with baking soda and conditioner, the other with baking soda and shaving cream. Surprisingly, the vote was split as to which recipe the kids liked better. Thankfully, the cleanup was amazingly easy.

I've also been watching a massive amount of Christmas movies because I love them so. This particular one reveals a wonderful gem that I discovered on Netflix, that may end up being one of my favorites. 

What do I plan on doing over my Winter break? 

Resting! No alarms for 2 weeks is AMAZING!
Putting some of my November and December Math centers on TPT...
Spending LOTS of time with family and friends.

I hope you have a very blessed and merry Christmas!
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