Wednesday, December 31

Instagram Top 10 in 2014

Natalie from Teachery Tidbits is hosting this great party looking back at our Instagram 
pictures in 2014. I took her advice and used Iconosquare to figure out my top 10 pictures. 
(I would recommend the website and not the app. The website appears to be completely free 
while the app wants to charge you to see the information needed to participate in this party.)


My favorite teacher resources -- each summer I read through the 
Daily 5 and try to implement it even better than the year before. 


My handwriting -- preparing for an ABC countdown.


Lots of goodies inside! Nothing better than a box of favorites! #SLANTbox


Apparently I wore the right shirt for our Me on the Map activity today...


Has to be my favorite brag tag yet! #Q1 #bragtag #awards


FYI... #teacherstealsanddeals


We've been BOOing each other at work... tomorrow's my turn!


Every morning my kids solve a double digit addition problem. 
(Daily practice makes permanent!) If they get their problem correct, 
they get to hang it on the light strings on our door. 
Guess we'll be moving to the other side of our door next week!


Half of my classroom library. Needs to be relabeled since I had to replace 
some of my baskets and reorganized a bit to make room for more.


#todayIsaid #teachersofinstagram #teachertalk

So, there you go... my Top 10 pictures on Instagram!
If you want to follow me on Instagram, you can find me @mrsjonesteaches. 

I know the holidays are busy, and you're probably in the middle of relaxing, 
but if you want to participate, join the party!

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