Friday, January 2

How-To Create a TPT Sales Chart

Mrs. Jones, here!

Earlier this year, I started keeping track of my monthly and quarterly TPT earnings in a table because I was curious of how my second year was doing compared to my first year. I love how it automatically totals my year so far. Today, I created a chart because it's easier to see the visual difference between the years.

I decided I'd create a tutorial for you all, in case you want to do this too but are a little uncertain about how to make it happen.

First, you should pay special attention that I created my tables and charts using Numbers.

Not sure how to access your TPT information? No problem...
Just log in to your TPT account and access your Dashboard.

Continue to change the dates and record the amounts for each month in your document.

Want your document to keep a running total for you as you add information each month? 
No problem...
Just add a column titled "Total," then...

I decided to set up my charts so that as I add information in 2015, the columns will appear.
You can do that too!

I love how it automatically gives each year a different color.

(The super cute cursive font is from KG Fonts and the super cute frame is from Creative Clips.)

Good luck to all you fellow TPT sellers in 2015! 
May your year be blessed in more ways than just financially!
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