Friday, January 16


Our superintendent came up with the idea that our inservice today should be a creative time to think outside the box and "work on whatever," an "idea day," as long as it wasn't regular, everyday stuff.

Leading up to this iWOW day, I was dreading having to come up with a project to implement in my classroom. You know, that one more thing mindset. 

My second grade team and I started out planning some upcoming units and ended up working together all day on planning our school's annual Poetry Cafe. We're amping up the Poetry Cafe fun, though, this year by providing the best readers from each classroom an opportunity to participate in a poetry reading at a popular local cafe. Of course, we had to field trip to this cafe for lunch before meeting with the owner!  

Out of our Poetry Cafe planning came a great poetry unit (to fit those wonderful 2nd grade standards) that I'm excited about teaching the two weeks before the annual event. 

It turned out to be a really good day! At times, we laughed until we cried. I wouldn't mind having an iWOW inservice every year!  

How was your Friday?