Friday, March 20

A Spring Break Five for Friday

Welcome back! It's been a great week! Spring is in the air. Let me share with you some of my Spring break accomplishments for this week's Five.

First, it felt so great to let my body rest as long as it needed each day. No staying up late because I have one more thing to do for school tomorrow. No shutting off an alarm clock, wishing for just a few more minutes of sleep. 

Second, I am so proud to share that I exercised every day (except Sunday). Every morning I went for a 2-4 mile walk to start my day out right. It felt great! The one rainy day, I spent it working my arm muscles on accomplishment Four (see below). Yay, me!

Third, I spent extra time with family and friends. I went to the zoo and out to eat with one of my college roomies. My husband and I celebrated my grandma's 96th birthday. (Yes, you read that correctly.) My mom came and spent a couple days with us. Love! 

Fourth, my mom and I painted our kitchen cabinets. We did one whole wall of tops and bottoms. We painted the outside white and the inside light yellow. Quite frankly, we ROCK as a painting team! Not to mention, I'm pretty stoked to have such a big job knocked out and my kitchen looking THAT much closer to finished. (The left picture is what they looked like before. I don't feel like it truly shows the awfulness of that green. The right picture is what they look like now.)

Finally, I'm proud of all the blogging I've done over the break. February and March were very busy (between the Poetry Cafe event and finishing up a quarter and parent-teacher conferences), but I've really made up for lost time this week. I'm especially proud because usually I just participate in parties hosted by other bloggers. Not so this week. Yay! 

I hope you've had a fantastic week too. This weekend I'll be be getting ready for the kids to come back on Monday. I am so thankful I had the week to rest and play. Makes me excited that summer is near!

What are your highlights from this week?