Saturday, March 28

March Madness, Biographies, and Plants

Oh, man. It’s tough coming back from Spring break.

The NCAA March Madness is well underway. So is my school's version of the tournament. We started voting in our March Madness book tournament this week. We're using an app/website called Socrative. Pretty easy to set up and use. Here's how our tournament is going so far. Which book do you think our champion will be? There's a good chance it will be a Pigeon book...

We’ve been working on biographies this week, though. In our reading series, that means George Washington Carver time! This week we also began a biography writing project. The kids will be interviewing each other to write a biography. There’s a twist, though, since we’re reading about inventors. They are going to pretend that they’ve invented something that has made them famous. I can already tell, it’s going to be interesting.

We planted our Spring seeds this week. Maybe we’ve started them early enough to have something to give away for Mother’s day. How fast this year is going! Wow!

As a part of our second grade Science standards, we’re doing an experiment with our plants. We have one sitting in the window. One is sitting inside a cabinet. Two are sitting under the grow light: one receives water, the other doesn't. Don't you just love the student-made labels reminding us of what each plant gets? 

We’ll start working our way through this plant informational book next week and graphing our plants as soon as they peek above the soil.

I hope you've had a great week and have a relaxing weekend! 
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