Wednesday, March 18

Preparing for Word Study

One of our focuses through the last nine weeks of school will be homophones, antonyms and synonyms. I just happened to see this on Instagram a couple weeks ago.

I immediately shared the picture with my teammates because this would be perfect for the cover of our word books. Tori doesn't have the posters posted in her store yet, so I whipped some up last Thursday on our long conference/work day. I also created a homophone version.

The above picture is the homophone cover I created for our word books. You can download the homophone poster free in my store by clicking here. Next to it is the inside. We'll write the homophones on the top two lines. We'll draw a picture of each word inside the boxes. We'll write possible definitions or use them in sentences on the lines below the boxes.

The front half of the books will be used for recording homophones. The second half of the books will be used to record antonyms and synonyms.

Here's the antonym/synonym recording pages and the back cover of the books. You'll notice that the recording pages look very similar. You can find the antonym/synonym recording page free in my store by clicking here. On this side of the book, the antonyms would go at the top, like good and bad. On the lines below the box, we'll list synonyms for each word. I'm not 100% certain about what to do with the boxes yet. Do you have any suggestions?

Do you have some sort of word study book that you use to record your learning?

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