Thursday, March 19

XtraMath, A Fact Fluency Site

Earlier this week, I shared about some addition and subtraction workstations I have used in my classroom. Today, I wanted to share about a fact fluency site I use with my second graders almost every Monday. I know I've heard it floating around the teacher blog world for a little while now. It's called XtraMath.

I love that it's free. I love that it's quick. The kids can easily get through a practice session within a 15-20 minute Math rotation. I love that we can access it on an iPad or a laptop. It begins with addition. When kids master those facts, it moves on to subtraction. For intermediate students, it also has multiplication and division.

Developing fact fluency is so important. Like many other teachers, I absolutely recommend XtraMath for fluency practice in your classroom! What are some ways that you practice Math facts in your classroom?

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