Saturday, April 4

Tournament, Kitchen, and Plant Updates

Happy Easter! I hope you are having a VERY blessed weekend with your family or friends!

I wanted to stop in and give an update on the March Madness Book Tournament that's been happening at my school. (Read more here or here.) We'll be voting for the CHAMPION on Monday. It's The Pigeon Needs a Bath! vs. The Duckling Gets a Cookie!?, both by Mo Willems.

Are you a Pigeon fan? I have to tell you that I have nothing against this book series. In fact, when read aloud with the correct attitude and whininess, they are really cute books. However, I was not a fan of the Pigeon books dominating the tournament and sending very good books (with great opportunity to teach content) out the door. With the assistant principal's permission (actually, he pretty much encouraged it), I decided to campaign against his precious Pigeon books (he's the one who nominated them for the tournament and placed them on the bracket in such a way that one of the books would most likely make it to the end).

For the Elite Eight, I made a t-shirt. (It's the one on the left in the picture below.) It had the 4 Pigeon competitors on the back and the main characters on the front, thanks to my color printer and some iron-on transfers.

On April Fools, my sweet teacher friend and I took all the Pigeon book covers down from the wall where the gigantic bracket is hung. We left a big sign in the middle that said "The Pigeon has flown the coop!" and left feathers behind.

In retaliation, the assistant principal printed pigeons and Pigeon book covers to our room printers every once in a while. Not to mention, every time he was giving an announcement on the intercom, he would end it with "Go, Pigeons!"

We managed to have one of the four books go on to the Final Four. I made a new shirt for us to wear and we gained two more t-shirt wearers. (It's the shirt on the right in the picture above.) I think it is the cutest shirt! What a great idea from my sweet teacher friend! She painted some splats on that carpet of hers and we put one of those pigeons he printed in our rooms on his door above the mat.

The assistant principal retaliated with a gigantic painting of the Pigeon on butcher paper with the words "You Ain't Gonna Paint No More!" He hung it over the middle of the bracket for us to see as we took our kids to lunch. It was too cute! Very clever!

All in good fun, of course. My campaigning days are over, though. Pigeon books made it to the championship, so I have to concede! :) That's ok. Like I said, I don't dislike those books.

Now I think I know what it feels like to be an underdog who believes so strongly in your cause that you're not going to give up campaigning, regardless of the numbers against you.

Think weekend I've been working hard on getting our kitchen back together since my mom and I finished painting the cabinets. Trying to make it super organized and find the best place for everything. Here's a couple pictures of the AFTER. The cabinets in the left picture won't have doors anymore, so I want them to look nice. The right one will, though. Mom still has the doors at their house. I LOVE that wire shelf that holds those casserole dishes. One of the best decisions to save space!

It'll be so nice when I no longer have kitchen stuff hanging out in the living room anymore! :)

Today I stopped by the school to pick up some Easter eggs I was going to donate to our church's Easter egg hunt tomorrow. I also watered our little plant cups. Do you see what I see? They're so tiny but so cute! The kids will be excited on Monday! It's so hard to wait patiently when every day you're just looking at a cup of dirt. Our other three pots (inside a cabinet, window, and receiving no extra water), by the way, do not have anything popping out of the soil yet.

Have a happy Easter, a blessed time with family, and a successful egg hunt! At what age do kids stop having Easter egg hunts these days? Through it all, remember the sacrifice Christ made for us and the glory of his empty grave. He is alive!

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