Saturday, June 27

Welcome Back!


I know.
You haven't seen me since April.
It's ok, though.

I have plenty I could write about (since I've been "away" so long), but I'm not sure what to write about today, so I'm just going to write. Maybe that'll get me back into a groove. So if you don't like random, feel free to move on and check in with me next time. Maybe it'll be a little more interesting.

I'm happy to be on summer break. Over the last 4 weeks, I've been working Summer Academy. That's my district's version of summer school. It's actually more like a day camp because the kids rotate between 4 "classes" all morning. They can eat breakfast and lunch. There are opportunities to go to the public library. The kids have lots of interesting class choices, like fishing, pole vaulting, and touring places around our town. There's also classes like Wild Kratts, nutrition, P.E., and sewing.

This year I taught about space. It wasn't my first choice. (I didn't get my idea turned in on time.) I did enjoy the topic, though. I used lots of informational and interesting Youtube videos. Storybots were a HUGE hit with almost all the kids.

Pinterest was a HUGE help also. Pretty much all my activities and crafts were based on ideas I found on Pinterest. I think my favorite out of all the activities was making "astronaut pudding."

I think I'd like to save my pictures and discussion of specific activities for another post. (Remember, I'm just trying to awaken the writing beast within.) We had fun, though. I think the kids learned a lot, which (surprisingly) is not necessarily a requirement at Summer Academy.

Until next time...
Hope you are enjoying your weekend.
I know I was very thankful for the rain we received yesterday morning.
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