Monday, June 29

Writing Power

Have you heard of Writing Power by Adrienne Gear?

A small group of teachers and I are participating in a book study this summer again. We decided we wanted to read a book about writing because we could all definitely beef up our writing instruction. That's probably true school-wide, if not district-wide. For me, I enjoy writing, but I wouldn't say that I'm the best writing teacher. I'm constantly wanting ideas on how to better teach students how to know when to stop a sentence and start a new one or how to become better editors.

I like that this book is concise, which also makes it an easy read. I like that Ms. Gear has provided lots of lessons for helping the students consider their audience and develop writing techniques. The lessons are a reasonable length, too, so they'll be easy to add to my schedule each week. I like that it teaches students the difference between a walking story, which is what my students tend to write, and a climbing story. I also like that there's a lesson on how to make their walking stories more interesting.

I still have 4 more chapters to go, so I'm excited to read and find more nuggets I can use in my classroom. If you are looking for a quick read that will be beneficial to your writing instruction, Writing Power could be a good book for you to check out!

Hope Monday's been a great day for you, too!
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