Tuesday, July 21

Tell Me About You!

Hey, everyone!

I guilted myself into excitedly decided on writing a post today, but sat staring at the screen for a bit. What should I write about? Then, I saw this idea pop up, so here I go...

I've already actually shared a lot about me... you can read more about me HERE... so what can I share today that you might not know?

Last week was super special. I got to travel (for the second time) with our church's high school youth to a huge conference in Tennessee that is put on every three years. It was a...ma...zing!

1. How often to do you get to spend a week where everything is centered around God?!

2. I really enjoyed getting to know the six kids from our church that attended.

3. The mission we were supporting last week through activities, prayer, and donation was Project Blue. It builds water wells in locations where there is not clean water. Their goal was $55,000 by the end of the week. Through our efforts, we raised more than double that amount which will build well over a hundred clean water wells. Yay!

3. Every night there was a performance from a popular Christian artist as part of our worship time.

4. I can't explain the feeling I have when I'm with a large group of people and you can hear the praise being lifted up above the music. It touches my heart in a way that brings me to tears.

5. We probably walked like 7-10 miles a day around the hilly UT campus, which means... WOOT! WOOT! I lost all the weight I gained from an antibiotic I took in June.

Now you can see why it was so amazing, right? Yep! I will not be disappointed if I get to go again in 2018. Not even a tiny bit.

Otherwise, you should know that I'm an introvert, which is NOT a bad thing.

I'm low-key. I'm not a talkative gal, so I try to make my words matter, but often over analyze after sharing. I have a hard time knowing what is worth sharing (because why is anything that I'm doing significant enough for you to want to read about). You should also know that I persevere on anyway because I do enjoy writing.

I also enjoy reading.

Sadly, I haven't been reading teacher blogs very much, though, this summer, so I missed out on having a pen pal this year. If you also missed out on having a pen pal (or didn't even realize that a blogger had given you that opportunity) and you want to be pen pals with my second graders, please let me know.

Me, in a nutshell...
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