Monday, August 24

Building Back 2 School: Reading Tools

For this week's link-up, I decided to talk about Reading centers in my classroom. Let's start with some organization and resources. I think I'm more organized this year than I ever have been in the past. Woot! Woot!

I have this small shelf next to my small group table. My husband made it for me. Here's how I filled it:

I use the hanging words for spot-the-vowel practice or practice reading words. Next to the hanging words, I blocked off part of my whiteboard:

I also have a table saved for Listening. I love my Listening sign {and table} this year. Each classroom gets three laptops. I usually use those. I have a CD/cassette player, too. You can kind of see in the picture below that I hang my headphones on Command Hooks on the wall behind the table.

Sometimes the kids listen to the basal story of the week or an article about a certain topic related to the story of the week. Sometimes they get to play sight word games on ABCya. Sometimes I download Youtube videos of books or informational clips.

The kids also have a word work station to visit each day. Sometimes they will have to do some sort of Spelling practice that goes with our Spelling curriculum. Other days they do some sort of sight word practice.

My district is a Pathways to Reading district, so that's how my small groups start at the beginning of the year. Once the kids work their way out of the "program," I switch them over to guided reading.

So, that's a little peek into my classroom during Reading centers. Students who aren't meeting with me, doing Word Work, or Listening might be meeting with the para/aide in my room, writing, or reading to themselves or with a buddy. I {sort of} implement Daily 5 in my room rather than centers.

I usually have a rotation schedule rather than letting them choose where to go next, because our Speech/Language, Sped, and Title kiddos are all pulled during this time, so I have certain stations that I prefer for them to miss.

Do your Reading centers look similar? Do you use Daily 5, or some version of it? I really enjoy reading about how other people make their Reading center time work in their classrooms.

I had a great first three days with my kids last week. I hope this week is even better as we slowly transition to a more normal routine. I'm ready for a normal routine! Luckily, we've had some good weather for outside play, and we've just about leveled up on our GoNoodle creature four times.

Have a GREAT week,
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