Monday, August 3

Building Back 2 School: Teacher Tools

Hey, everyone! I'm back!

I'm so excited to announce the winner of my second-ever giveaway...

Rebecca, you should have received an email from me! And because those of you who entered my giveaway are probably dying to know the answers to those jokes... (Those of you who enjoy being literal, you will enjoy the second one quite a bit!)

There is so much awesome-ness today. Word on the street says that there is a special back-to-school sale on Teachers Pay Teachers today AND tomorrow. Isn't that fantastic?

I'm also participating in a little party hosted by my new friend Denise over at #TeacherMom. Isn't that a cute blog name? By the way, she's about to have a baby, but she's still planning a month of link-up party fun. Can you believe it?

Today our topic is...

I'm so excited to share about some of my favorite teacher tools.

First of all, I can't do without my teacher calendar/planner. I print off all my essentials front-to-back and take them to Office Depot down the highway and get them bound together for a little over $4. Sweet deal!

I take it to all my meetings, regardless of how small they are, and I bring it home with me every weekend. I keep a school activity calendar in it, a copy of my long range plan, and a blank calendar to take notes on. It's so important to me throughout the school year.

I decided to make each of my teammates a calendar this year, too. Last year, they were eyeballing mine pretty hard. Since I don't have a color printer, though, I chose this cute apple scrapbook paper for our covers.

Another important tool that I use is a cute notebook. I pretty much always carry around a notebook. I find that when I write things down, I remember them much better, so if I don't write it in my calendar, I write it in my notebook. Some women like to buy shoes, clothes, necklaces, or purses. I like to buy cute notebooks and awesome pens. Go figure.

I use my laminator a lot. I mean a lot. (In the picture, I'm laminating my new classroom library labels, organized according to our basal story topic.) I would definitely recommend any new teacher investing in one. In fact, a teammate's daughter just graduated and received her first teaching job in one of the Carolinas. One of her graduation presents? A laminator. 

Other important tools that I couldn't live without? A paper cutter in my classroom. A glue gun. Too many containers. Command hooks. My laptop. My favorite Sharpie pens, just to name a few. 

What are some of the teacher tools you can't live without? 

Make sure you hop over to Denise's blog. She's holding a major giveaway over there each Monday in August. You definitely won't want to miss out! So, take a break from your summer read or from your classroom setup to check out the action happening on Mondays in August.

Because I love my calendar so much, I decided to put it in Denise's giveaway. You can win one for yourself, in case you don't have one already.

Oh, and happy shopping! 
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