Saturday, September 5

Pick 3 in September

This is a new-to-me party. You pick three of your top Pinterest pins over the past month to share with others. Honestly, I mostly pin school stuff, but occasionally I'll go on a binge of pinning for other things in my life, like a bathroom renovation or a little bit of artistic motivation.  

I have to admit that I am not a consistent Pinterest window-shopper. I come and go, usually dependent on how busy life is at the moment. In preparation for the new school year, though, I certainly did some perusing. Here are 3 of my favorites over the past month: (Please click on all the pictures to visit their original owners and homes.)

I love this "Turn and Talk" sign, created by Renee at The Reading Corner. Every time I see it I really want to make one for my class. I haven't yet, but what a good way to keep those kiddos on track when they're talking to their shoulder partner! It also helps to teach them good conversational skills.


Anytime I see interesting pictures come across Pinterest, I save them in my Writing folder to use as writing prompts. They are engaging. It helps students who struggle to figure out what to write. It encourages creativity. These are some of the interesting pictures I saved over the past month. 

Anytime I see a bulletin board like this, I love it. I pinned another one over the past month. I haven't made a board like this for myself. I think the closest I've come is downloading the words to use to make it. Maybe someday. One of our Computer Lab teachers actually had a similar board in her room last year. It just sends such a positive message to the kiddos, and they sure can use as many positive messages as possible!



I just love doodling. I'm just surrounding by artistic or creative people in my life (and I love it). I also love looking at the scripture doodling that other people have done. Someday maybe I'll get a Bible with large margins, too. I love that it causes you to dwell or reflect on a certain verse or passage while you are doodling. I would imagine that it sticks with you much better than just reading and putting your Bible away. Aren't they such talented artists? 

It's only Saturday. Yay! That means I still have 
two more days in my weekend. Aren't holiday weekends great?

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