Thursday, October 1

October 1-on-1

August, September, October, oh my! The school year sure is going quickly. Soon I'll be chatting with 20 sets of parents, telling them how much I've learned about their students over the first quarter.

Whitney's hosting another 1-on-1 party, an October product on sale for just $1 on the 1st. Around this time of year is when my second graders begin reviewing and learning more about nouns. I created a craft for my kids to do after completing a noun activity.

I love seeing Frank hanging up all over the room when the kids are done. Last year, I also decided to use different colors of Halloween Noun papers, so they would all look that much more unique around the room. Isn't it fun when all the kids have the same pieces but they are able to make it their own rather than everyone doing the exact same thing?! I love it. Does anyone else wonder if maybe the middle Frank looks unhappy because he needs to use the bathroom?

Included in the product are some words that you could have the kids sort, or you could have your kids read through an October book and find the nouns on their own. You can kind of see in the picture above that I had the kids sort the provided words, then they used the four blank strips to write a new word.

Have a happy Thursday! 
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