Saturday, October 3

October's Pick 3 from Pinterest

This month, I'm participating in Inspired Owl's Corner and Pawsitively Teaching's party, sharing some Pinterest links that might be useful during October.

In my classroom, we always focus on two stories in the latter weeks of October, The Great Ball Game and Stellaluna. I wanted to share activities that I've found on Pinterest that could be used for those stories. Of course, since it's October, I'm also sharing something treat-related.

This particular activity comes from the Teacher by the Beach, formerly known as the Teacher's Cauldron. It's a sequencing activity for Stellaluna. The students cut out the story sentences. They put them in order. Then, they glue them into the accordion book you've already folded together as a class. Finally, they get to draw a picture illustrating that sentence.

Click on the pictures to go to the original pages.
The best part of this activity: you really could apply it to any book. Just type up four sentences that summarize the story. You're ready to go.

Some Pinterest retell runner-ups you might be interested in: candy corn beginning, middle, end story retell and paper sack bat story elements

This activity comes from Mrs. Bumgardner's 1st Grade Class. Both The Great Ball Game and Stellaluna have bat and bird characters, so this would be a great activity to discuss the differences between bats and birds.

You could set this up as a T-chart (I like to color the similarities yellow to point them out), or you could glue them into a Venn diagram. You can click on this sentence to go to a TPT product I found, in case you don't want to type up your own sentences to make a chart. Here is another place where you can find a ready-to-print Venn diagram and phrases.

I love making treats for my teammates, so the first treat I'm sharing is one I love making for teachers. It's super easy. It doesn't take very much time. Most importantly, it's super delicious. You just need pretzels, hugs, candy corn, and an oven at 350 degrees. Only put them in for 3-5 minutes, though. Yum!


The second treat I'm sharing is for the kids. I'll collect the pieces and put them in a little snack baggie. Of course, I'll probably use the cute little thing to go on top of the baggie. I also like how this Simply Second Grade blogger used it for a graphing activity. Yes, please.

Thanks, ladies for hosting! Can't wait to see all the other ideas!
Have a great Saturday!
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