Wednesday, February 3

February's Pick 3

Well, I've been doing well to come back about once a month to participate in the monthly Pinterest party. This month, I've decided to share with you some of my Valentine's Day pins. I usually give you a BONUS pin, just because I usually seem to find 4 good ideas I want to share, but this month, I super broke the rules... Sorry!

And, as always, you can click on any of the pictures to go back to their original pages.

The "100 Reasons" bulletin board can be found at Lucky Little Learners. She doesn't actually talk specifically about the bulletin board; it's a blog post about making bulletin boards. Since February 1 was our 100th day, I felt like this would be a great activity that would share some positivity in our hallways.


To be honest, if not for our hundredth day on February 1st, I probably would've done the second bulletin board I've shared. I love that it teaches the kids a word in sign language and they get to reflect on their learning. You can find out the how-to of this bulletin board on Blair Turner's blog.

Usually, I have the kids decorate and make their valentine collection boxes at home, but I have found less and less excitement or time spent with the kids in creating, so I've decided to take on the task at school this year. I've decided we'll all make cute little monsters. You can find the how-to of these little dudes by clicking here.


My second choice for the valentine boxes would be these cute little kids. I love that the kids can easily see who each box belongs to when they are passing our their valentines. Let's face it, it's also just plain cute. The farthest I could go to the original post is on Learning in Wonderland's post. I was blocked from clicking to the original source on her page.

I usually plan some Minute-to-Win-It games for our Valentine's Day party. I found this interesting one to add to my repertoire. I traced it back to the Hopeful Homemaker. I would probably make a line with tape, rather than using a blanket.


Basically, the kids each get some Q-tip "arrows." They use a straw to shoot the "arrows" into the bowl. The winning team has the most in the bowl.


I saw this and thought it would be a fun experiment to complete. On TeachersPayTeachers, it actually says K-1, but I think my second graders would think it was interesting too. It was created by Curriculum Castle and it's FREE.

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