Friday, June 24

Midwest Tribe Meet-Up

I attended a meet-up today with other teachers from the Midwest. It was really great! 

We met at Bravo!, a delicious Italian restaurant. It was so lovely getting to meet with this group of ladies and talk about teaching and their TPT experiences. 

One teacher shared about how the first two years she was on TPT she didn't really work to make her store succeed. That's been me the last two and a half years. I haven't had the time, or rather, I haven't taken the time to really create a plan to help my store be successful. I want that. I love creating products out of things I've made for my own classroom. I just haven't made my store a priority. 

I liked the advice given to focus on one social media outlet to advertise. I currently advertise on zero platforms, so I think I'll give Pinterest a try. I wonder if most people create a separate account to do their advertising. I liked the advice to stagger your pins because if it's just a blast of product pins, people will ignore them. There was also advice to pin other people's products, too.

I also came to the conclusion that maybe I should create a brand name, something catchy. My store has just been called Mrs Jones since it began in 2013. In the beginning, I liked the anonymity, and I didn't think much of anything would come from the adventure I was talked into, but I think maybe I should change the store name. I wonder how that will affect everything I already have set up. 

My husband and I had a brainstorm session on our date night tonight. I'll keep thinking about it over the next few days, and hopefully I can nail something down before July 1. Really, sooner would be better! 

Finally, I really liked what was shared about product covers, because I know when I go shopping on TPT, the product cover {sometimes} makes or breaks whether or not I'm going to click to see the product description or the preview. I need to take time to go back through some of my original products, recreate them on PPT, and make a more attractive cover. Sometimes, I admit, I spend just as much time on the cover as the rest of the product. 

I really enjoyed this meet-up, seeing a familiar face from the meet-up I attended a couple years ago, and having some great conversations. I can't wait until the next one.