Thursday, June 23

Space Day 12

This week has been interesting. I have a completely new group of kids each hour, so some activities have been the same as before, but I have also included some new activities. 

On Monday, for instance, we made sundials. We used a clock printable, decorated it, and glued it on a paper plate. Then, I poked a hole in the middle. The kids put a Popsicle stick in the hole, we laid it on the ground, and, by golly, it worked... for the first two groups. The shadow pointed to the correct time when the 12 was facing North. In the third group, though, the shadow was an hour off. I could not figure out why...


Tuesday, we made the string of planets I have already shared. Yesterday, we made the pneumonic device My very excited mother just served us nachos. and did the Earth painting where we squish and twist globs of blue and green paint. 

Today, we explored the Earth some more. We learned about the layers inside the crust with this really cool picture. We started by making a picture of the Earth. Then we glued our layers together for inside the Earth. Finally, we put our two pictures together on a black piece of paper, labeled the layers, and added some stars on the background. You probably can't tell, but there's a flap sticking up out of the picture. 

The kids did a great job with putting their project together and knowing each of the layers. 

I sure am thankful for a three day weekend! I secretly miss my groups from the first two weeks and wish I could have them back. Tomorrow will be a busy but great day, so hopefully I remember to come back and write about it.