Tuesday, June 7

Space Day 2

I have been away for awhile, busy making some changes in my teaching career, so I haven't felt like writing... here or in my personal journal, but I want to change that because I love writing. 

Since I'm teaching at my district's version of summer school, I wanted to write a little each day about it, and maybe on my days off I can share a little more about these changes and other things that have been going on this school year. 

Yesterday, for our first day learning about space, we learned about the sun, how it's a star, and how it gives us heat and light. 

We created these great mosaic art pieces of the sun. It was fun seeing the different versions created by the K-3 kiddos. Here's one created by a 1st grader. 

Today we talked about rotating and revolving. We stood in a circle around a "sun" and spun around showing day and night. Then we revolved around the sun to show a year. The best part was putting them both together: rotating while we revolved around the sun. 

Our craft today was this tool to show our parents about how the sun stays put, the Earth revolves around the sun, and the moon revolves or orbits the Earth. 

Can't wait for tomorrow's space craft! I think the kids will like it. They tend to like most shiny or sparkly things.