Wednesday, June 8

Space Day 3

Today we focused our study on the moon. Well, we didn't end up studying as much today because of how long our craft took. I had also hoped to do the flour pan experiment where you show why the moon and other planets have craters. We didn't get to, so maybe I'll save that demonstration for our astronaut day next week. 

Our mobiles looked great, though, when the kids were done. I think the toughest parts of this, for them, were peeling the back paper from the contact paper moon and being patient with letting the glue dry on the little stars. 


For the most part they all loved the moon and stars mobile. They especially loved the shiny sequins. The sequins were supposed to be craters on the moon. I think this is my favorite space craft so far. 

Tomorrow we will study the planets and make a solar system map, sort of. It's going to be great.