Monday, June 13

Space Day 5

We worked on learning the order of the planets today. When I was little, I learned My Very Educated Mother Just Served Us Nine Pizzas, but there is no pizza anymore. Poor Pluto. So, this pneumonic device from Teachers Pay Teachers was very helpful for the kids, though I will always use the pizza sentence.

Some of the kids were able to point to the words in the sentence and tell me the planets in order by the end of our time today. Aren't pneumonic devices awesome! I should definitely use them more. One of the older girls was sharing with me the ones shed learned in music this year, the same ones I learned, interestingly enough. Every Good Boy Does Fine and FACE.

We also began our Earth paintings today. We squirted paint drops on the back of our paper plates. We dripped 4 green drops and 6 blue drops because Earth is mostly water. The kids, even the little ones, all did pretty well with controlling the size of their drops. We squished it down onto a bigger paper plate, spun the little plate a bit, and lifted them up to reveal the Earth. 


As usual, I really love how everyone's painting is different depending on the size and location of their drips. I did have a few kids that twisted their plates too much, but that's just the way it goes. 

We'll finish them tomorrow, after they've had some time to dry, and I know they'll look great. I'll post some finished pictures. 

I really love the kids' enthusiasm for our space class. They are excited to see me and find out what we'll be doing. Cheers to a great start to week 2!