Tuesday, June 14

Space Day 6

We finished our Earth pictures today. We cut out our Earth circles. We glued them onto black construction paper. We added some stars for some extra glitter and sparkle. I thought they turned out great. 

We also made space slime. Most of the kids loved the ooey, gooey slime. 

We started with emptying a glue bottle into a bowl. Then I poured in a layer of glitter. The kids stirred it well with a Popsicle stick. Then, I slowly added capfuls of liquid starch as the kids stirred. 

After 3 or 4 capfuls, the kids switched to using their hands to knead the slime. I added 1 or 2 more capfuls of starch until it wasn't sticky or stringy anymore. 

My first group loved watching it slowly stretch down to the table, and later down to the floor, it was so stretchy. It wasn't as messy as I thought it might be. Once there was enough starch in the bowl, it was an easy clean up. Any goo left in the bowls easily washed out. 


The glitter was supposed to be stars because our topic today was stars. 

I started my grad class reading for this term. One of the books is called The Glass Castle by Jeanette Walls. It's been an interesting read so far. I have read about the author's experience of living in a hospital for several weeks after burning herself on the stovetop while fixing herself some hot dogs, living in the desert, and shuffling around to too many "homes" to remember before the age of six. What an immensely loyal family, though! I'm anxious to read about their next adventure and eventually read how she broke the cycle of living in poverty.