Friday, June 10

Space Week 1 Pinterest Inspirations

I wanted to share the sites that inspired our craft projects this week. Please click on the pictures to go directly to the original websites.

Our mosaic pictures on Monday were inspired by this pin from Pinterest:

Because of our limited time and the fact that my kids range from Kindergarten to 3rd grade, I decided to cut our squares about 1". I loved the variation of results that the kids produced, especially since they got to choose how big the circle was and how much of each color (yellow, orange, blue, and purple) they used.

Our Tuesday revolution tools came from this pin:

You can get the free printable at her TPT store. The kids were so amazed at how you could make the moon orbit the Earth while the Earth orbits the sun.

On Wednesday, our really cool moon and star mobile came from this pin:

I love how simple it looks. I had the twig and strings ready to go in advance, along with circles drawn on the contact paper. All the kids had to do was cut out the pieces and put it together. It still ended up taking most of our time together each hour.

Our Thursday solar system project was inspired by 2 different sources:


I liked the simplicity of the hat, but we did that last year, and I wanted to find a different way of doing things this year, even if the content is the same because I knew I'd probably have some of the same kids sign up for my class again. My alternative way of creating a solar system map was to use the same idea as last year, but to hang it on a black piece of yarn this year. I did not purchase the TPT product on the right, but it looks great. It was just my inspiration.

Here is my space YouTube playlist. Everyday we've watched one or more videos too. 

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