Saturday, June 18

Space Week 2 Pinterest Inspirations

Yesterday, I ended up attending a job interview instead of Summer Academy, but luckily, I had a kind colleague who was willing to take my three groups of kids.

Today, I wanted to share where my ideas came from this week. As usual, click on the pictures to go to the site.

Our pneumonic device was a free product from TeachersPayTeachers. This was such a great thing and really helped some of the kids because they would point to the underlined letter and name the planet. When I printed this, though, I printed them so that they were just half the page, a smaller version.

This project took us two days. We painted one day and cut and put the picture together on the second day. I loved how each kids' pictures looked different based on their paint dots and how they twisted the plate. It really is a neat project.

Space slime sure was a hit this week! This was so much easier to make than I thought it would be. Most of the ingredients I added, but the kids started it with the glue bottles and stirred away throughout. I would definitely do this again with my students.

We made our own constellations this week. First, I had the kids draw a picture. Then I gave them a row of star stickers to put somewhere on their pictures. I also gave them a special glittery star because we learned that each of the constellations usually has a brighter star nearby or as a part of the constellation which helps us identify it.

On Thursday, if I had been at school and not at an interview, we would have made astronaut pudding. Not to worry, we'll still make it later on, but I wanted to provide you with the link anyway.

Have a good weekend.

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