Thursday, June 24

Proud Entrepreneur Moment

Helllllo, Thursday!

I just wanted to share a proud moment, if I may. Actually, a double proud moment.

First of all, I'm an entrepreneur. That's a word I NEVER use to describe myself. I just wanted to put that out there, though, for some reason. 

I'm a summer entrepreneur, I suppose, because that's usually the time I update my TeachersPayTeachers store and add new products. You might call it a hobby, but that's ok. 

proud moment

I set a goal for myself to upload 10 new paid products into my store during the month of June. I met my goal today! Yay!

I feel like it's been awhile since I was really active with adding new products to my store. I just haven't been motivated the last couple summers to do more than the minimum. 

Not this June, though... 

Yay! for productivity. 

Yay! for enjoying something again that I used to enjoy a whole lot.

double proud moment

I really am writing, however, to share the thing I'm the most proud of, and it's new product #10. 

Most products, when I finish them from top to bottom, I feel like, 'yeah, that's good enough,' or 'that will be ok.' This time I was finished and felt really proud of the product. 

The whole product. 

I don't know if it's because I made the penguin pictures I used in the product. I also made the fonts, so it's 100% completely mine. I don't know if it's because I created a fake website worksheet to include digital text features. 

I think it's just a really great product. I really, REALLY hope other people think so, too.

Maybe it is a combination of all the things. 

Anyway, that's all. 

Proud. of. it.

Have a GREAT Thursday,

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