Saturday, July 10

My TPT Status #TPTForward2021


Today I watched the session by Susan about finding satisfaction in being a part-time seller. 

I'm glad the TeachersPayTeachers conference had this session available for several reasons. 

Sometimes I think there's an unspoken push towards full-time TPT. While that is great for some people, it's not the hope or desire for everyone. I never started my store on TPT thinking it would, at some point, be my full-time income. I know myself and my passions and my personality well enough to know that that just wouldn't be my journey. 

I think I'm ok with that, not that I don't occasionally feel pressured to do more.

I really liked hearing Susan share that she took her store full-time for a few years, then she backed off and went to part-time. That's an amazingly different story than I have EVER heard in the TPT seller bubble. 

I loved that Susan encouraged people to not jump on every bandwagon. Do what suits your interests. It's ok to post a resource that interested or helped you, knowing it's probably not going to be a huge hit. 

Umm, that's my store to a T. It's full of things (or alternative versions of things) that worked for me for my kids. I never expect, when I upload another product, that it's going to be a best seller immediately, if ever. 


I leave you with 3 pieces of advice from Susan's polls she took on her social media that I WHOLE-heartedly agree with.

Quality over Quantity

Make your products the best you can make them. Know that you're going to improve as you go or get better clipart or change your style for the better at some point. I actually think it's fun to look back at my original resources I posted in 2013 and see how much my product-making (and description-writing) has improved.

Don't Compare your Store

Amen! I'm not going to lie. I struggle with this sometimes, because I want people to like me and to like the things I post. Don't compare. Maybe that means not hanging around other people's stores, so there's less opportunities for comparison. 

Be Patient

Yes! I still, 8 years later, have a feeling of surprise mixed with joy when I get the email that someone chose to purchase one of my products. (I don't get the cha-ching notification because I usually have my phone on silent/vibrate.) I post things not knowing if, or when, someone will ever buy it. But I keep posting. That's important. Take Dori's advice... Just keep posting. 

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