Tuesday, July 6

Sell the Sleep, Not the Mattress #TPTForward2021


Today, I watched a session from the TeachersPayTeachers conference called the 7 Critical Fundamentals That Build the Audience for Your Products

In this session, Chris talked about the 7 things every TeachersPayTeachers products should have. She spent most of her time talking about the product description because of how important that is to hook your buyer. 

Sell a good night's sleep, not just the mattress!

The buyers need to know why they need your product, so you've got to sell them the solution to a problem they can get on board with. I'm imagining a movie scene where someone gives a speech and at the end the crowd shouts out "Yeah!" with fists raised. "Let's do it!"

This made me super curious to look at my first resource I posted to my store to see how detailed the product description was. Did it lay out WHO, WHAT, or HOW? 

I feel almost embarrassed to show you. Keep in mind, I started my TPT store in January 2013, so this resource was created in the Fall of 2012. Here's my first product description from the first product I posted 8 1/2 years ago:

😳 Embarrassing, huh? I really should update this product. Especially since I've learned more about the sounds of -ed since taking a LETRS course and learning more about the Science of Reading. I've learned the specific circumstances when each sound takes place. Incorporating this into the product would give it SO much more value. 

Umm, also surprising is that I had 10 reviews on this first product. All 5 star reviews, too. Yay! 🙌 Would this still have gotten ten 5 star reviews had I posted it over this past year. Probably not! Oh, how technology and graphics have improved and easier to make and become more available. Ha!

Thankfully, I discovered most of those things Chris talked about I do already... 😉 NOW.  


The two things I need to do better in my product descriptions now is to share how the product allows the buyer to differentiate and to share extension ideas to give the product longer life and even more value than just what you see. 

I've been enjoying reflecting on each session after I watch. 
Hope you're enjoying my reflections, LOL.
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