Wednesday, July 7

To Photo or Not to Photo #TPTForward2021

I watched Stephanie's session called 

Confession time: I rarely take pictures of my products. Well, I mean, with a smartphone or legit camera. When I make products and put pictures in the product, it's almost always screenshots.

Why? you might be wondering. I often forget to take pictures of the product actually being used at school by my students. I just don't think about bringing an extra page home to do a little photoshoot. I often don't want to print things at home because our printer isn't super great. 

I know, lots of excuses. 

I'd like to do better. 

Stephanie talked about lighting. I kind of already have an idea about lighting. I have an Instagram account where I post pictures of my bullet journal pages or other artwork I've done. I kind of already knew about lighting because of that. Although, sometimes I'm impatient and go ahead and take a photo at night, using just a house lamp up above. 


Stephanie also talked about staging. I NEVER do any staging beyond just making sure there isn't too much in the background to distract away from my bullet journal. I want to gather some office supplies to specifically use for staging. Pens, highlighters, fun paper clips are the types of things I'm thinking about. Maybe a small fake plant from Hobby Lobby. 

I also want to go ahead and get a foam presentation board to cover with some kind of wood-designed contact paper. I usually use our wood floors at home to take pictures. It would be nice if I could have more flexibility with what room I'm in when I take the pictures. 


For the record, I do want to try to do better with taking pictures of my TPT products in use (whether it's staged or real life). This will have to wait until school starts back up again in August, though. 

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