Wednesday, October 6

Stop, Collaborate, and Listen: Inside-Outside Circle (AVID Strategy)


Today, I wanted to share about one of my favorite AVID strategies. 

This year, my school district has fully adopted AVID. Previously, only some of the schools were AVID schools, including mine, but now it will be the whole district. 

AVID helps the kids grow in their organizational, study, and note-taking skills. It includes all those best practices in learning to communicate and work with others. 

One of my favorite AVID structures that allows kids to communicate with others is the Inside-Outside Circle. 


This is a great strategy to use to get kids to use academic language, review a topic, hear the opinions of others, or solve a problem. 


Half of the kids will form a circle with whatever you will have them discuss. A question. An assignment. The other half of the kids will form another circle around the outside of the other circle. 

I always have the kids high-five the person across from them to make sure everyone has a partner. 

After you've given them an opportunity to talk, you ask one of the circles to rotate, while the other circle stays put. 

"Inside circle, rotate 2 people to the right." 

Make sure everyone has a partner again, and give them a couple minutes to talk to their new partner. 

I usually have one of the circles rotate one more time and share with their new partner. 

What's your favorite collaborative strategy?

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